Birthday Parties


imag5319-ts1422140817Bring the races to you with a slot car track set up at your location. Our digital slot car tracks can race up to 6 drivers at a time, and when they are teamed up into driver, pit crew, and spectators, a track can easily keep a group of up to 18 people entertained for 90 minutes or more. Races last about 5 minutes each, and the rotation keeps people interested and excited the entire time. While we recommend no more than 18 people for a child’s birthday party, the adults always seem to want to race, and we usually save a race or two for them. The kids always have a great time cheering on their parents. If the birthday party is for adults, this is one opportunity where drinking and driving can mix. Just don’t spill it on the tracks!

If your style or inclement weather preclude an outdoor race, don’t worry- we have indoor solutions as well. If you have a large dining room table or game table, we can set up on those, or bring our own folding tables if necessary. We can even set up on the floor (requires short pile carpet or area rug- cannot set up on tile, wood, or deep pile carpets).